Zeus’ ethical behavior vs. Jesus’ ethical teachings

Zeus’ ethical behavior vs. Jesus’ ethical teachings


If one were compare at Zeus’ ethical behavior and Jesus’ ethical teachings, one would see that Zeus’ ethics contradicts Jesus’ ethics. Zeus, in Greek mythology, was a murderous rapist that thrived when he was at war with anything. He abused his power over everything that was beneath him because he derived pleasure from seeing his opponents suffer in agony. In Christian mythology Jesus was a loving being that wanted everyone to be morally ethical, so they could receive eternal life in the Kingdom of God.  Jesus eventually died to free the world from sin, so people could have a chance to find peace and prosperity. One can see the differences between Zeus’ and Jesus’ ethics by looking at some of their stories.

In Ovid’s depiction of Zeus in his book “Metamorphoses”, one would see the tale of Zeus (or Jove, his Roman name), and Io. Zeus raped Io when she refused to have sex with him and he lied to his wife when she confronted him about Io. This was not the first time, nor the last time, that Zeus raped/slept with a woman while married to his wife. If one were to look at Jesus’ teachings in “The Bible”, one would see that Jesus strongly opposed adultery. Being faithful to one’s wife was one of the Ten Commandments, the Ten rules that Christians are supposed to adhere. Jesus even taught people that by looking at a woman with lustful eyes, one had already committed adultery in one’s heart.

One legend of Zeus is the story of Prometheus and the fire. Prometheus stole fire from the gods of mount Olympus and gave it to the humans that were cold and blind from darkness. Zeus was furious at Prometheus for stealing the fire, so he gave Prometheus a punishment that would last for eternity. Zeus chained him to a rock and made an eagle visit Prometheus everyday to eat his liver; it would regenerate everyday because of his immortality. Zeus also created corrupt women for men as a punishment for obtaining the fire that Prometheus stole. Jesus taught that killing or hurting people that had wronged you was not the proper way to conduct oneself. Unlike Zeus who created immoral women to punish men for something that they did not commit Jesus honored men and women alike because he taught that everyone is equal under God.

One can find many instances where Zeus was being unethical or immoral to gods and humans alike. He was a despicable god that possessed selfish desires to only benefit himself and destroy anything that obscured his goals. Jesus was an ethically righteous being whose sole purpose for coming to earth was to rid the world of inequity and impurity. He fed thousands without food, healed many from deadly illnesses, taught moral behaviors to enlighten people and freed millions from the bondages of sin and guilt. If one were to weigh the deeds of each individual, one would find that Jesus was an ethical being while Zeus was a horrendous creature that could have used some of Jesus’ wisdom.


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