The rivalry between the Sadducees and Apostles

The rivalry between the Sadducees and Apostles


The Sadducees and the Apostles were groups of people from different religions that had rivaling opinions about religious matters. The Sadducees were Jewish and were in charge of the political and religious roles in Israel, as well as, caring for the Temple in Jerusalem. The Apostles were Christians and followers of Jesus. Their job was to travel to multiple regions to preach the word of Jesus and God and to perform miracles like healing and exorcisms. While there are numerous differences between Judaism and Christianity, the main difference between the groups was about Jesus. Both of the groups believed in God, but the Sadducees believed that Jesus was not the Son of God, while the Apostles believed that Jesus was the Son of God. This was one of many different opinions between the groups, but this was the main reason why the Sadducees and Apostles were unable to find a way to reconcile their rivaling opinions.

The Apostles would travel the land preaching the word of Jesus’ new doctrine, Christianity, while performing miracles. Jesus believed that everyone deserved a chance to find God’s kingdom, while the Jews believed that they were the only ones deserving to see Gods’ kingdom. The Sadducees would not eat certain animals that God, in the Old Testament, had declared to be unclean, but the Apostles ate those animals that were deemed unclean. The Sadducees would rest on the Sabbath Day, a day created by God where no work was to be done, while the Apostles would work on that day. These are only a few of the numerous differences between the Sadducees and Apostles, but the Sadducees decided that these differences were cause enough to stop the Apostles from spreading the word of Jesus.

Unfortunately for the Sadducees, the Apostles were successful in converting many people of different religions to their faith. The Sadducees would arrest the Apostles to stop them from preaching Jesus’ doctrine. This did not stop the Apostles from preaching, so the Sadducees had to resort to drastic measures. One of the Apostles, Stephen, was preaching the word of Jesus, until he was arrested by the Sadducees and stoned to death. This was one of many murders that were committed by the Sadducees. To justify their killings, they would charge the Apostles with blasphemy against God. They were desperate to stop the Apostles and would do anything to accomplish this goal.

At this point, some people may find that the Sadducees were more worried about losing their influence/power over people than actually protecting their religion from blasphemy. If this was the case, it would not be surprising because the Sadducees were some of the most powerful people in Israel. They even had the power to influence Jews that were outside the boarders of Israel. If they lost their religious influence over people, they would lose the power that came with that influence.

There are multiple reasons why the Apostles and Sadducees would not agree with each other. They each believed in different religions that had different ideals. History has shown that people of different religions tend to not prefer each other. The Sadducees did not improve their relationship with the Apostles by killing them or keeping them in jail. Ultimately, it was religious disagreement that prevented the Sadducees and Apostles from reconciling their rival opinions.


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