Indulgence is an action that is performed by Christians who want God to relieve them from the temporal punishment of sin. When one sins willingly and knowingly, that person has to face two punishments for that sin: temporal and eternal. Eternal punishment is when someone is sent to the fiery depths of hell when they die. Temporal punishment is the punishment that one must face on earth. Temporal punishment usually involves physical or mentally harming oneself to earn God’s grace. After a person performs the Sacrament of Penance to rid of the eternal punishment, that person has a few options to rid of the temporal punishment. One of those options is performing Indulgences.

The Indulgence that one must do depends on the sins that one had committed. If the sins are minor, then the Indulgence might be that one has to say a certain prayer fifty times in a row for fifty days. If the sins are serious, then the Indulgence might involve doing something physically demanding, such as making a journey somewhere distant or building houses for the blind. If one does not complete the Indulgences on earth, then that person will end up in purgatory. Purgatory is a place where people with unfinished Indulgences end up until they complete the Indulgence. Once a person has completed their Indulgence, that person is allowed into heaven.

Indulgence is a Christian tradition that still goes on today that allows Christians to free themselves from the guilt of sin. It is a respectable tradition that makes up for the wrongs that Christians have committed throughout their lives.


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