Summarized history of Minoan Crete

Summarized history of Minoan Crete


The Minoans were a powerful trading empire that were located on the island of Crete. The Minoans started their trading empire by selling gold, ivory, tin, etc. to the Near East in c. 1900 BC. Then they expanded their trading routes by setting up some of their first trading colonies in the Aegean Sea. This is about the time when the Minoans made up their own language called Linear A. The language has not been deciphered, but the Ancient Greeks, Mycenaeans, used their own version of Linear A called Linear B. Historians deciphered Linear B in the 1950’s. Linear B uses some of the symbols of Linear A, so we have some idea of what Linear A conveys, just not their whole language.

The Minoans faced a time where all of their palaces were destroyed by an unknown force in c. 1600 BC. It could have been a natural disaster or some other empire trying to take over Minoan Crete, but the Minoans got back up on their feet and started to rebuild their empire. They rebuilt their palaces bigger and grander than the palaces before. They expanded their trade much farther than before, and their trading route ended up going as far a modern-day Israel. The Mycenaeans took over Minoan Crete in c. 1425 BC, and that was the last of the Minoan empire.


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